Peak condition, Peak Performance

Reduce injury downtime and improve sports performance for complete athletic development.

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Boost your performance

Sport-specific conditioning to enhance multidirectional sprints, change of direction, long runs, hand-eye coordination, balance and total game endurance.

Develop explosive power

Use of plyometrics with understanding landing & jumping mechanics, strength training and olympic lifting to develop vertical, linear, lateral, and rotational explosiveness.

Prevent injuries and Recover faster

We assess the weak areas in you, and formulate an exercise regimen that helps strengthen these vulnerable points thus preventing injuries and accelerating recovery.

Helps you in:
  • Making you the best version of yourself.
  • Minimizing the risk of injuries
  • Improving and enhancing sporting performance
  • Accelerating recovery for optimal performance
  • Building long-term lifestyle change
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Athletes, whether amateur, pre-professional, or professional,  test their bodies with extreme physical training every day. They need a interdisciplinary team to get them back to playing safely and as quickly as possible.

Individualized Assessments

Every athlete is different, boilerplate programs don’t work for everyone.  We evaluate how well you move and function to best design your program to enhance performance and reduce your chance of injury.

Complete athletic development

Our programs develop the complete athlete.  Enhance all aspects of athletic performance – mobility, strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance.

Holistic approach

Right nutrition and supplementation along with Mental strength is very crucial for any athlete and we make sure that the athlete gets the best in those areas as well.

Real people.



“Yash’s professional approach as well as his excellent skills as a therapist that really stood out. His positive attitude and professional abilities were a great asset to my team.”

Rohan Bopanna
Professional Tennis player
at ATP World Tour.

“I had met Dipali during one of the Senior Indian National Women’s football team camp when the team was preparing for the Asian games, Incheon 2014, in which she was the physiotherapist of the team. Her immense knowledge and experience helped all the members of the team to stay fit and perform at their peak. Her passion towards her work and the dedication with which she treats all the players is the reason why I along with the other members of the team consider her in high regards. I wish her all the luck for the future.”

Aditi Chauhan, 28 years
Professional Football Player

“My athletic journey could have come to an end in 2015 after an injury I picked up due to overtraining. After consulting some top experts in the city, a lot of the solutions revolved around “band-aiding” the symptoms or generic prescriptions for strength work. The last office I walked into was Yash’s.”

Naveen John
Multiple-time Indian national & South-Asian champion

“My son started training with peak performance and I see a big difference in his stamina. Peak customized program for Harivansh based on the sport and his personality helped him to play for longer hours and compete. The instructors really understand the kids and accordingly train them. Yash Pandey monitors the progress of the individuals on regular basis and provides the instructions to the trainers which helped to see the change in Harivansh performance.”

Harivansh, 13 years
Tennis Player

“I just wanted to thank Yash and his team for helping me recover from my hamstring pain which I got during Rio Olympic Games . God used his magical healing hands to remove all the pains, and I can now go out as usual doing what I love to do. Thanks once again for the fantastic recovery, you saved my life. Thank you peak performance and thank you Yash.”

Nitendra Singh Rawat, 34 years
Professional Marathon Runner

“Peak Performance has been the best thing that happened to me since I’ve started my athletic journey. I’ve had customized plans and sessions tailored specifically to meet my needs and I’m able to see the change in my physical strength and movement. Thanks so much!”

Shalini Saraswathi, 41 years
Blade Runner

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