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Performance-based physiotherapy for modern living.

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A scientific and evidence-based approach to exercise-based natural therapeutic methods. Take your health to a whole new level.



An ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure.

Undergo a biomechanical & Fitness assessment, to understand your imbalances and work on a customized exercises program to reach and sustain your optimal health with minimizing injuries.

Perfect if you:
  • Have minor aches and pain, which doesn’t affect your functionality for now
  • Feeling stiff in the Spine (Neck, Midback, Low back) or joints
  • Starting a workout/exercise for the first time or after a long break
  • Starting a new sport or want to minimize injury risk in the current sport
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Don’t let pain stop you.

Treatment with an extensive use of manual therapy procedures and rehabilitation programs designed to bring you back to your best in the safest and quickest way

Perfect if you:
  • Going through a Sports related injury
  • Experiencing an acute injury (Acute – Recent episode)
  • Going through a chronic condition/pain (Chronic - persistent or recurring over a long time)
  • Going through any joint pain
  • Going through a muscle or/and Ligament or/and Tendon pain
  • Planning a surgery (Pre-operative Rehab)
  • Had a surgery (Post-operative Rehab)
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Unlock your full potential.

Sport specific strength and conditioning programs crafted without compromise to give you an ultimate edge.

Perfect if you:
  • Are a Professional and Amateur Athlete
  • Lost fitness due to a long break and wants to do a comeback in a sport
  • Off-season & Pre-season Training
  • Wants to take their fitness to the next level
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Real people.



“Yash’s professional approach as well as his excellent skills as a therapist that really stood out. His positive attitude and professional abilities were a great asset to my team.”

Rohan Bopanna
Professional Tennis player
at ATP World Tour.

What could be more vital in life than one’s physical health?

Smart and holistic approach

Personalized advance testing and tailored treatment plans to treat the root cause of your pain.

Flexible and Convenient.

Easy booking, flexible hours and multiple centers convenient for your life.

Trusted Expertise

Vouched for services by
world-class athletes.

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We change lives.
We challenge the pain.

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