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SPORTS SPECIFIC STRENGTH & CONDITIONING ENHANCE YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE - physiotherapy service domlur bangalore peak performace

Sports specific strength and conditioning targets individual athletes and team to reach their highest level of fitness in their respective sport. Our training methods are scientifically proven and very specific to sport. We have training programs for all levels of fitness and age; from children to seniors, Elite athletes to active adults and everyone in between.


Our sports performance training equips our athletes with speed, agility, strength, endurance, explosive power, flexibility, balance etc. our athletes typically train in private 1-on-1 or small group sessions. Training programs are periodized and are available year round to help athletes in their development.


We also provide pre-season training for athletes who wish to start the season at their peak fitness.

  • Fitness training which is specific to a sport

  • Tailor made Training Plan with 1-on – 1 approach

  • Reduced risk of injury through scientific planning

  • Areas of fitness such as Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Balance
    and Proprioception and Hand-Eye coordination all included

  • Improves sports performance

Improve your athletic performance in the right direction!


Scientific and Evidence-based approach towards
Sports injury management and Performance Training.

Bring File

Please carry your Peak Performance file for each visit

Old Records

Carry all your old records like MRI, X-ray

Shorts & Shoes

Carry shorts and shoes for lower limb injuries.

Napkin & Water

Carry Napkin & Water Bottle for S&C sessions

Take a step towards an injury-free performance!
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