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Sports Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation - physiotherapy service domlur bangalore peak performace

Competitive sports are physically demanding and are highly prone to injuries due to the repeated wear and tear. The primary goal of sports specific rehabilitation is to return our athletes (Professional/Amateur) back to their previous level of activity as quick and safe as possible.

At Peak Performance, our physiotherapists create a treatment plan and exercise program keeping in mind the nature of injury and athletic demands for the specific sport necessary for a safe return to sporting activity.

  • Treatment for Sports Related Sprains, Strains, Tendonitis, etc

  • Treating the root cause, rather than symptomatic relief

  • Modes of treatment includes Manual Therapy, Dry needling, Taping etc

  • Evidence based Practise towards injury Management

  • Stage wise Rehabilitation leading towards Return to Play

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Scientific and Evidence-based approach towards
Sports injury management and Performance Training.

Bring File

Please carry your Peak Performance file for each visit

Old Records

Carry all your old records like MRI, X-ray

Shorts & Shoes

Carry shorts and shoes for lower limb injuries.

Napkin & Water

Carry Napkin & Water Bottle for S&C sessions

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