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MARATHON SPECIFIC TRAINING - physiotherapy service domlur bangalore peak performace

At Peak Performance we understand the physical requirements of long distance runners, which allows us to make your training specific and effective.


We customise a fitness training plan after assessing your current fitness level. Special emphasis is given on the biomechanics and form of the exercises which helps you maximise the output and minimize any risk of injury.

  • Focuses on fitness requirement specific for long distance running

  • Science of periodisation applied depending on the goal

  • Enhances cardiovascular and muscular endurance

  • Special emphasis on improving gluteus strengthening

  • Increase Running efficiency

Run efficiently and Finish strong!


Scientific and Evidence-based approach towards
Sports injury management and Performance Training.

Bring File

Please carry your Peak Performance file for each visit

Old Records

Carry all your old records like MRI, X-ray

Shorts & Shoes

Carry shorts and shoes for lower limb injuries.

Napkin & Water

Carry Napkin & Water Bottle for S&C sessions

Take a step towards an injury-free performance!
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